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Hellebores video – they’re Winter Royalty

Plants Management Australia

Plants Management Australia

August 10, 2014

Winter is always a great time to talk about the ‘Winter Royalty’ Collection of Hellebores. There’s something special about watching them all come into bloom at this time of the year – a little magic in the middle of winter.

Winter Royalty Hellebores

Winter Royalty Hellebores

This collection from Plants Management Australia includes varieties from a number of specialist Hellebore breeders around the world and all have been selected for their great garden performance. These Hellebores are fab because they look so elegant but can be super hardy and low maintenance at the same time. Yes, Hellebores are shade loving plants, but you can plant any of the members of the ‘Winter Royalty’ collection in a position where they will be exposed to the sunshine at various times of the day and not have to worry.

amber-with-hellebores-trial garden-2013-5

hellebores-MercureHotel05There’s a range of colours in the ‘Winter Royalty’ Collection and the other great thing I have discovered is that you can keep them indoors for a month to 6 weeks before planting them out. I trialled this last winter and in a room with a heat pump going continuously they lasted very well.

Hellebore 'Wintersunshine'

Hellebore ‘Wintersunshine’

This means they make great gifts as people can enjoy them at close range on the coffee table for quite some time before needing to be moved into the garden. If you were having a mid-winter dinner party to mark a special occasion these would make beautiful gifts for your guests – any every year when they come into bloom they will be reminded of the event.

Helleborus 'Penny's Pink'

Helleborus ‘Penny’s Pink’

This year the beautiful ‘Penny’s Pink’ is available in good numbers across the country. This was in high demand last year – and if you’re a fan of rich pinks, you’ll love this variety. A row of them looks divine planted along the front of a garden bed, but it’s also hard to beat a display in a classic black or white container.

Hellebores with crane-4Other popular classics include ‘Ivory Prince’ which has white flowers fading to a musky pink, ‘Wintersunshine’ – pale blooms with deep green foliage, ‘Ruby Glow’ with its mid pink flowers and the delightful ‘Anna’s Red’ which wows everyone with its rich magenta display.

Helleborus 'Wintersunshine'

Helleborus ‘Wintersunshine’

This season we have a video clip with you. So next you’re taking refuge from the weather, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy what we love about these great plants. At the end you’ll see some tips for maintaining your Hellebores and ensuring they look good year after year.

GD web WR Collection Aug14 2



This is a sponsored post brought to you by Plants Management Australia.

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helen mckerral
helen mckerral
9 years ago

Hi Amanda

I have a row of Winter sunshine planted along the bottom of a drystone wall and they look terrific – I prefer pale colours in shade because the dark ones seem to disappear or fade. The label says they are evergreen, so I’m trusting that’s true – my H. corsicus is, even without any summer water, though the H. orientalis of course are not. There’s a lot of variety in many of the new cultivarson the market – are all the Winter Royalty equally evergreen, or are some better than others?

Also, do Annie’s Red & Penny’s pink retain the intensity of the colour in your images when they are grown in, say, 75% shade/dappled shade?

Amanda Mackinnon
9 years ago
Reply to  helen mckerral

Hi Helen,

Yes all the Winter Royalty Hellebores are evergreen – and I would say equally so.
At the end of the video there’s a pruning clip which shows me removing the finished flowering stems which may be helpful to watch. You can remove any ageing foliage at the same time if your plants need a tidy up.
The foliage will remain all year round. I have had a Winter sunshine at my front door in a pot for 12 months now. The foliage has remained beautifully healthy so the plant continues to maintain its pride of place all year round (although obviously looks its best right about now!).
They all retain their colour, we haven’t noted any differences in trials according to different light levels. I have some completely in shade (like under the front door verandah), some in quite bright morning sun and others under various conditions in between.
I must say that I also have some in a very neglected part of the garden. They are 4 years old now and continue to surprise me every winter, as they do not get any love at all except for a light prune about November.

helen mckerral
helen mckerral
9 years ago

Thanks, Amanda. I’ve found all the hellebores to be very tough in my garden – the only one I ever lost was a rare cultivar from Tassie, many years ago, with speckled variegated leaves. Very beautiful but, sadly, like many variegated cultivars, it was definitely not as tough as its green cousins and one year it simply didn’t reappear!

Catherine Stewart
9 years ago

I accidentally trod on, and then buried my Hellebore Ivory Prince during some landscaping works. I didn’t even realise until I saw some little leaves poking up through the soil a couple of months later. Now it’s growing happily and looks like it might produce a late flower or two. This plant is seriously bomb-proof!

Amanda Mackinnon
9 years ago

That is good to hear! They are awesome plants. Even my father who has no interest in gardening is bragging to his neighbours about them. He thinks their success is due to his green thumb – not the fact that the plants literally look after themselves!