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Dora teaches your kids rubbish – about gardening

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

August 11, 2014

Magic Grow Dust

Have you young kids you’d like to teach about gardening? Here’s a tip – DON’T entertain them with this catchy little game from Dora the Explorer where a seed + water + something called ‘magic grow dust‘ (sounds like something you bought by the gram in the 1970s) makes them sprout instantly into a fully grown (and harvestable) plant. Is this the gardening message we want to pass on?

So here’s me being old-fashioned……I think that the 2 very important lessons that real gardening teaches everyone are:

1. patience

2. that you can assist nature but it can manage perfectly well without you

Although the game is called ‘Dora’s Magic Garden’, the accompanying literature certainly suggests that it’s a good way to introduce your children to gardening concepts like seeds and water (no mention of the magic grow dust at this point).

But what is this stupid game actually going to teach a child? Instant gratification, and that some weird powder is needed to grow plants. Urgh.

Get ’em outside in the dirt.

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