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Bird droppings spread weed – yes, that one



September 22, 2014

Cannabis leaf

A gardener in Exmouth, UK was surprised by the identification of the lovely and lush ‘mystery plant’ growing under the bird feeder near her back door. Cannabis!

After cultivating the germinating seed into a 5ft (1.3m) high healthy specimen, Patricia Hewitson thought she’d better find out what her unknown plant was, so she sent some photos into ‘The Potting Shed’ program at BBC Radio Devon.

BBC Radio Devon posted pictures of the ‘mystery plant on its Facebook page and asked readers for their advice. One suggestion was that it was a troublesome weed best eradicated by “rolling the leaves and flowers into paper tubes and burning…

Local Devon police have assured her that she will not be prosecuted for cultivating cannabis as she did it in ‘good faith’, being totally unaware that her lush plant was an illegal drug. It’s believed that the cannabis had sprouted from seeds in bird droppings falling on to the garden bed underneath her bird feeder.

Bird droppings are notorious for spreading many different kinds of weed, but this adds a new layer meaning!

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