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How you can help gardeners in drought-stricken areas



September 22, 2014

1655996_259416010892029_2138296082_nHow can you help gardeners struggling through long droughts, where they’ve lost shrubs and even established trees? Enter Green Thumb Express, where city folk can pot-up plants and send them to their drought-stricken country gardening cousins.

After returning home from the muster to find that for the first time in 32 years her creek had run dry and much in her own garden was dead or dying, Gay Tully and her friends in Windorah in outback Queensland decided to set up a network where generous gardeners could help replant country gardens devastated by this unprecedented drought. (Much of inland Queensland has been drought declared since June 2013)

For someone on a remote property a quick trip to the plant nursery is just not possible. Green Thumb Express brings together those in Queensland willing to pot-up and donate plants with drop-off points, and then connects with those in need of some new plants for their gardens. As Gay says, country people don’t like to ask for help, so sometimes they need a bit of a nudge.

The small donated plants and cuttings can be grown on until the next rains arrive, and it’s possible to replant the garden.

If you’re in western Queensland, you can register to help Gay’s efforts through the Green Thumb Express Facebook page.

But if you’re somewhere else in the world that’s suffering terrible drought, like California, why not set up your own local Green Thumb Express?

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