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Review: a lawn fertiliser with built-in spreader

Anne Latreille

Anne Latreille

October 18, 2014

I came across a bag of lawn fertiliser hiding in my messy garden shed. It was quite small, which perhaps explained why I had missed it when I began feeding my spacious, hungry-looking and partially weed-infested buffalo lawn a few weeks ago, but ran out halfway through.

I''m hungry!

I”m hungry!

My weed infested lawn - oxalis ready to flower

My weed infested lawn – oxalis ready to flower

The bag held only 1.5 kg, but net coverage was described as a healthy 60 m².

Great!’ I thought. ‘This will do the rest.

Munns granulated fertiliser with spreader (2.5kg size)

Munns granulated fertiliser with spreader (2.5kg size)

Everything seemed right. Rain was looming – something rare this year in Melbourne – and my husband had just mowed the dry lawn.

I went to chop off the top of the bag but noticed, just in time, that it was labelled ‘built-in spreader’. That’s something new, I thought. So I put down my scissors and read on, as follows: ‘Golf course green. Granulated slow release lawn fertiliser. The Easy way to feed your lawn – can be used on all lawn varieties including buffalo. Peel, rip and shake!

So how should I get into it? I turned the bag upside down to see a series of messages inscribed across its bottom. ‘Open 1, Peel here first. Open 2, Peel here second.’ And then a long line of black arrows with the instruction ‘Peel the film towards left.

Once the film was removed, a series of 32 small circular holes, set in two lots of diagonal lines, showed up across the bottom of the bag. I wrapped my hand through the large holding device at its top, then began walking – and shaking. For anyone who always uses up lawn food too quickly, the combination was miraculous. The little pellets emerged from the holes in a measured way, a few at a time. They sat happily on the lawn, not too few and not too many. And were well distributed, much more evenly than is usually the case when I spread lawn food.

A lawn looking for attention

A lawn looking for attention

The biggest surprise was that the small bag took so long to empty. I covered the whole lawn – and went twice over the patch that hadn’t been fertilised before.

But where was the rain? Five hours later, at 10pm, it began falling ….. I headed to bed hoping there would be more than the miniscule amounts that Melbourne is (sadly) getting used to. I don’t remember having more than 12mm in one fall here for the past three months.

Postscript – I scored two millimetres. Hopefully this will be just enough to get the fertiliser doing its job. Then I’ll move on to trying to exterminate the oxalis that’s weaving its way through the buffalo lawn. Does anyone have any suggestions?

For the record, this new product comes from Munns, a three-generation family-owned business based in South Australia, with a history going back to 1948. I also like their information about lawn seed, lawn care, garden care, and their emphasis on quality, practicality and environmental awareness.

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8 years ago

Ha have used Munns products for a long time, they do what they say they do a bit more $$$ than most but if you want results then the coin makes no difference .