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Singapore orchids

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

January 12, 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens drips orchids. Almost literally, as they hang from trees, spill from rocks and dance among colourful foliage. Everywhere you look, there’s another spectacular display, with every flower at its peak.

I wondered how they managed to get everything looking so simultaneously perfect until I realised that there’s a rotating display in the gardens so that every plant always does look perfect. An orchid ‘also ran’ house on the outskirts of the garden holds everything that’s either in waiting or past its prime, and gardeners continually update the displays with a wide range of orchid genera.

The SBG display style rejects the usual ‘potted orchid sitting on a shelf look’ and nestles the orchid’s container down among foliage plants so that it’s hidden from view, leaving the orchid spray to arise, or droop downwards, more naturally from the planting.

I loved my time in Singapore and if I get to do another Europe trip, I’ll certainly be planning to travel via Singapore in one direction at least, as there’s so much for a garden-lover to enjoy.

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

Award-winning garden journalist, blogger and photographer; writer for garden magazines and co-author of 'Waterwise Gardening'; landscape designer turned landscape design judge and critic; compulsive networker and lover of generally putting fingers in lots of pies. Particularly mud pies. Original creator of GardenDrum. South Coast NSW.
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4 years ago

What Plants Do Singapore Orchids Mix With

Mary Goldstiver
Mary Goldstiver
3 years ago

Catherine Stewart says the Singapore Botanic Gardens drips orchids. This is not strictly true. Within the Botanic Gardens there is an ‘Orchid Garden’, which certainly does drip orchids as you would expect, and is magnificent. I point this out so that people visiting the Gardens will seek out the Orchid Garden, and not expect to see all those orchids throughout the rest of the Botanic Gardens. The wonderful thing about the orchid being the floral emblem of Singapore is that they are absolutely everywhere on the island. So envious!