GardenDrumTree T-Pee conserves water for new trees in dry zones

Johnny Georges survived his pitch on America’s ‘Shark Tank’ TV show last year, and walked away with a billionaire investment partner for his patented Tree T-Pee plant protector, which reduces a young tree’s irrigation needs in dry environments to less than 10% of conventional irrigation. How does it work?

Tree T-Pee from GSIThe Tree T-Pee, made from recycled black or white plastic covers a 25 inch (64cm) radius around the base of the tree and stands 14 inches high (35cm), holding sprayed irrigation water in the zone above the young tree’s roots, shading the root zone and reducing evaporation. Preventing irrigation water from spraying beyond where the tree can use it also cuts down on weed competition.

White Tree T-Pees are recommended for hot zones and plants susceptible to heat stress, and black Tree T-Pees for cooler areas or heat-tolerant plants like citrus.

The Tree T-Pee also provides superior frost protection, holding a mini ‘fog’ of warmer air that protects the area around the root zone, trunk and lower foliage.

Although Tree T-Pee is designed for commercial fruit growers, it can be used by home gardeners in dry zones where an establishing tree is regularly watered using micro-irrigation.

The T-Pee is suitable for plants from planting to 5 years old and retails in the Florida through Home Depot stores, in the rest of the USA from Johnny Georges direct, at $6.95 for black and $7.95 for white. In Europe it’s distributed by ILS Global and Australia and New Zealand through a licensed local manufacturer in Queensland.

Tree T Pee – The Smart Choice from Erin Freel on Vimeo.

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