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Tim’s Talking Plants, live on the wireless



January 29, 2015


You can still listen to Tim Entwisle and award-winning landscape designer Jim Fogarty Talking Plants from their 6 episode Radio National show by downloading the podcast or listening online.

It’s great to hear Tim and Jim’s thoughts and also their most interesting guests, including landscape designer Andrew Laidlaw, philosopher Damon Young and Chris Burke of Burke’s Backyard, with in-depth discussions about topics like:

  • ♦ garden shows – inspiring, or spectacles of excess?;
  • ♦ what to do about climate change in your own garden;
  • ♦ bonsai – plant cruelty or high art?;
  • ♦ are rooftop and vertical gardens worth the trouble?
  • ♦ does an Australian garden have only native plants?
  • ♦ how are contemporary artists inspired by Australian flora?

There’s been great feedback to RN about having a half-hour gardening show like this – more about gardens than gardening – so we can hope that RN will follow through with some more episodes by mid 2015.

In the meantime, you can hear Tim with some ‘Talking Plants‘ segments on the new ‘Blueprint for Life’ show on Saturday mornings, starting this weekend.

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