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Pulling the wool over



March 3, 2015

Wool fleece mulch. Tasmania

Would ewe use this ewenique type of mulch?

Spotted at Grandvewe Cheeses in Tasmania, the company’s front garden is mulched with sheep fleece. A bit of online research shows that poor quality fleece that’s no good for other purposes is often used as mulch in the UK. I would have thought that the large surface area in fleece would hold too much moisture, causing potential fungal problems and preventing enough water getting through to the soil.

Has anybody tried it?

Grandvewe Cheeses, apart from sheep’s cheese, also make a Vanilla Whey Liqueur. While it sounds unappealing, it’s actually quite delicious in a butterscotch sort of whey. I mean way.



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9 years ago

Haven’t used sheep wool, but have used alpaca fleece. It’s ok… not fantastic, it does allow water to flow through. Takes about 5-7 years to break down. But if it’s all thats available it’s better than nothing! the birds love it!