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Melbourne’s tree love letters



May 21, 2015
English elm, Ulmus procera, has a more dense crown than Ulmus x hollandica

English elm. Photo Sandi Pulllman

Melburnians can send their city trees emails of love and support in a new program by the City of Melbourne. Each city tree has an identification number, so you can email exactly the one you’re pining to give a fig for, even the plane ones, by gum!

First step is to go to the City of Melbourne interactive urban forest map to find out the ID number of the tree to which you’re sending your arboreal ardour. There’s 70,000 trees on the database, so you want to be careful you get the right one. Once you have the #ID, you can send your beloved an email. You can also use the email to tell City of Melbourne if your tree is feeling poorly, thirsty or damaged, and needs some TLC.

Just be careful you don’t get that False Acacia…..

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