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Watermelon carves up healthy dessert



May 25, 2015

Watermelon Pig carving Copyright National Watermelon Promotion Board

Feel like pigging out on some watermelon? These fun watermelon carvings are a whole new way to enjoy a fruit that’s got way more goodness than you might think.

I’ve always thought that watermelon was pretty much just sugary, crunchy water. Delicious on a hot summer’s day but not exactly a health food.

However devotees of Michael Mosley (of 5:2/Intermittent Fasting Diet fame) and his latest carefully researched British TV series ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor‘ will have seen how a trial group of men with various levels of high blood pressure ate watermelon, beetroot or garlic for a week, leading to a blood pressure drop in all cases.

Watermelon pig carving recipe. Copyright National Watermelon Promotions Board

Watermelon pig carving recipe. Copyright National Watermelon Promotions Board

So adding watermelon to your diet sounds like a pretty good idea. And when you add the inventiveness and fun of so many fabulous fun carvings from the USA National Watermelon Promotion Board, I’m feeling decidedly like pigging out. The website has lots of ideas and ‘recipes’ so you know exactly how to make animals, movie characters, holiday carvings, and even decorative table centrepieces. Forget the agony of making your kids a fancy birthday cake – make a watermelon ‘cake’ instead!

Through July 2015 you can send photos of your best watermelon carving to watermelon.org to enter its competition in 5 different categories: Most Elegant, Best Fruit Basket Carving, Funniest Carving, Best Animal and Star-Spangled Watermelon.

Click HERE to get all the competition information.

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