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Themed garden design – Lisa Orgler

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

June 7, 2015

Lisa Orgler knitting garden

Have you ever seen a knitting garden? Garden designer Lisa Orgler has one of the best graphic styles you’ll see. Her ability to make garden elements jump off a drawn plan in seeming 3D is amazing, and all without a whiff of CAD software. Her latest venture is themed garden design, including this extraordinary knitting garden.

I was a bit sceptical when I first read about Lisa’s ‘themed garden design’ ideas, and then her chosen theme. How on earth could you make a garden about knitting? However with Lisa’s imaginative brain, a few crowd-sourced ideas and her brilliant plan-drawing style, it seems anything is possible.

Most garden designers are good at finding elements in the locality and the architecture surrounding the garden from which they take cues on garden shapes and proportions. But then (as I know from my past life as a designer) it’s easy to get stuck waiting for further inspiration. Lisa’s idea of a themed approach gets the designer really talking to the client about what they like and what they do and then finding ways to make that an integral part of the design.

Follow the whole pure genius knitting garden design process at Lisa Orgler (and to all the garden designers reading this, you have to try it!)


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5 years ago

I’m not usually ‘into’ themed gardens like this, but how cute is this knitting garden? I really love Lisa’s illustrations and ideas.