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Lavender Field Sutton Photo by Kemal ATLICut flower growers and greenhouse operators are finding an innovative way to engage the public, and make some money. Forget paddock-to-plate…how would you fancy a ‘field-to-vase’ dinner?

Flower farms are beautiful places to visit but are rarely glimpsed by the public. Now a new movement called ‘field-to-vase’ is taking diners out among the flowers.

It’s also a good way of highlighting the importance of buying fresh, locally-grown cut flowers, rather than imported blooms.

Certified American Grown has been organising dinners on flower farms across the USA, putting together local chefs and local flower growers. Herb farms and flower farms have featured among the venues for what is proving to be a very popular dining experience. Local floristry experts decorate the table with the best of local cut flowers, and add wreaths and take-home posies.

8672ad83-ac93-4aeb-a85c-ed9b31a78eb9The USA Field to Vase Dinner Tour, is a perfect way to spend a night in summer exploring the beauty that the country and flower farms can offer. Guests are taken on a guided tour of the flower farm and then served up delicious local produce at decorated long farm tables set among the flowers in the field. Cost $175USD pp.

The Wall Street Journal has listed Field to Vase dining in its Top 50 outdoor entertainments guide for summer 2015.

More at and read a review of a Field to Vase dinner at Seasonal Wisdom

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