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Sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro in Pisa



August 20, 2015
Sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro in Pesaro. Photo Alan King.

Sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro. Photo Alan King.

Famous Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro is featured in a major exhibition of his work in Pisa, Italy, until January 2016.

Pomodoro is well-known for his large-scale but intricate bronzes of a ‘Sphere within Sphere’ (Sfera con Sfera) which can be seen outside the United Nations building in NYC, in the Vatican, and at Trinity College Dublin. He has also designed many theatre and opera sets. There are over 100 works by Pomodoro in the Pisa exhibition, including sculptures, plans, drawings and documents.

You can find Pomodoro’s work in the Piazza del Duomo and also the Opera House, Museum of Sinopia and around the Square of Miracles, with the backdrop of Pisa’s famous historical buildings forming a perfect foil for Pomodoro’s strong shapes and modern lines.

Arnaldo Pomodoro in Pisa exhibition


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