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Are we afraid of our own landscapes?



August 27, 2015

Are we afraid of our landscapes, particularly in Australia? Designer Jeremy Saunders poses this most interesting question in his new post A Landscape of Fear , on The Territories website.

A designer of movie posters for many years, Saunders looks at the presentation of our natural landscapes through his medium, and finds that although our coastal landscapes are nearly always benign – sand, sun and sea with nary a shark or stinger in sight – our bush and outback are routinely presented as scary, dangerous places. If people venture out there, they are terrorised or murdered, snake bitten, fall down cliffs, or routinely get lost.

These persistent negative stereotypes both reflect and affect our relationships with our natural landscape, making it a place of fear to be avoided rather than embraced and explored.

Read his most interesting descriptions and explanations at A Landscape of Fear

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