GardenDrumCould growing marijuana lure millions into gardening?

Marijuana. Photo Coleen WhitfieldCould growing marijuana bring millions into gardening? A recent survey in the USA says YES, it could, if growing at home for personal use were legalised, including 12 million who describe themselves currently as ‘non-gardeners’.

The survey by Green State Gardener found that an estimated 24.5 million Americans would like to try growing marijuana if it were legal in their state. The percentage of 18-34 year olds was 14% and those over 34 was 9%, averaging out at around 10% for the entire 18+ USA population of 245.5 million.

Of these, about half were gardeners and half not, so there’s the potential for a lot of young non-gardeners to get into gardening.

Presumably once their small and legal marijuana crop was flourishing, they would develop a considerable interest in growing food crops too.

Green State Gardener. USA Marijuana growing survey 2015

Green State Gardener. USA Marijuana growing survey 2015

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