Wildflowers of the Dolomites, Italy – Part 3

During our 2013 trip to the Dolomites in northern Italy (Wildflowers of the Dolomites Part 1 and Part 2), we were captivated by the mountains and scenery, and were lucky enough to revisit them in 2015. Carrying less gear in our packs (but still too much – next time we’ll be going ultralight!) – we once again used several of Gillian Prices’ Walking in the Dolomites Cicerone Guide books , plus topographical maps. Continue reading

Join the Aussie Backyard Bird Count – our birds need you!

Whether bright, bold and inquisitive, or delicate and shy, birds have a way of capturing our minds and our hearts. The importance of birds and a connection to nature to our quality of life cannot be underestimated. Just sitting and watching a group of fairy-wrens flit through your garden can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. As a society we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the environment, and at a time when understanding complex environmental issues is paramount, caring about nature is vital. Continue reading

A little piece of Greece comes to Japan

My Greek garden, ‘Parea’ (Παρεα) is a garden to live in, to gather with friends and family. I had a lot of fun designing it. During the process, I was thinking about all my favorite things in Greece. All those happy memories are incorporated into the design. Cycladic island architecture is one strong feature of my garden. Another important aspect is Mediterranean plants. I wanted to use the plants that are most commonly found in Greek gardens. Continue reading

Win your school or community a park!

MY PARK RULESMY PARK RULES! Can you win your school or community a park? Any place in Australia where kids play and that’s community owned can be in the competition, like public schools, daycare centres or local council playgrounds. Work up your design pitch, and you could have a landscape architect turn it into a professional design…and then the best of the best gets built! Continue reading

Burnley’s Secret Garden Part 5: A garden for the 21st century

I have no doubt that Bogue Luffman would be fascinated with how garden making has evolved in the 21st century. He would not recognise the suburb of Burnley with its high rise apartments and clogged roads, roaring freeway, whining sirens and screeching tram brakes. However if he strolled around the Burnley garden he would no doubt enjoy the century of landscape styles and planting fashions on display. What would he think of his house replaced by a sunken garden? Continue reading

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Student Awards Finalists 2015

This Public Life student competitionWhy do we seek escape from the city, and what forms of escape can we find within the urban environment? Three finalist teams have produced some exciting and innovative designs for public space city ‘hangouts’ in the This Public Space landscape architecture competition, including an inner-city wetland stream, disaster-resilient social parks for Wellington, and an activity precinct for a Sydney industrial area. Continue reading

Artisans in the Sydney Botanic Gardens

Jackie Lallemand

Jackie Lallemand

Artisans in the Gardens 2015 in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is looking spectacular as always with loads of sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and textiles to see (and buy) from over 50 of Australia’s leading artisans. But be quick as it closes this Sunday at 4pm!

Continue reading

Why we must stop mass planting NOW

It’s an emergency. One by one, the toughest garden plants of the past decades are succumbing to newly-discovered, debilitating and often deadly pests and disease. Elm, ash, buxus, roses, horse chestnut, agapanthus, impatiens, clivea, lilly pilly, loropetalum…the list goes on. If you haven’t heard of problems with these plants in your part of the world already, you soon will, as globalisation eventually defeats even the most vigilant biosecurity measures. Continue reading

My ‘Tea Garden’ success at the Japan World Flower & Garden Show 2015

I started drawing the ‘Tea Garden’ half a year ago now. I decided on the shapes really quickly and it was a great chance to explore a table design that I wanted to use for of my favourite clients. But it didn’t have a lot of polish. We had a party at my place and I stole a guest to write my design statement. We finished it with whisky coated ramblings and sent it off to the Japan Garden Show two minutes before the deadline. Continue reading