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camelliaHave you got an old camellia in your garden that you’ve struggled to identify? is an astonishing camellia documentation project with nearly 1,800 named varieties of camellias where you can look for your answer. also has a clever 5 question system of helping you narrow down your search, or an advanced search where you choose from a list of 13 different descriptive terms for important features like the flowers, flowering season and the plant’s growth habit.

If that doesn’t narrow down your answer then you can begin trawling the extensive database of high quality photographs, which include flowers but also fruit seeds and buds. is compiled by Cathie and Oliver Joly in Paris and includes sections on camellia history, growing guides and details about many gardens that specialise in camellia growing.

The project is very active with new cultivars added every few weeks and there are both French and English-language versions.

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2 thoughts on “How to identify your camellia

  1. I have a camellia which looks like Nuccio’s Pearl, but it shows stamens, is not a formal double. I could send a photo.
    Can you help?

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