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TV and film used to promote healthy eating?



November 10, 2015

James Bond and bananaCould James Bond peel a banana as sexily as he orders a martini? ERMA, the US Entertainment Resource and Marketing Association is working with the Produce Marketing Association to get more fresh fruit and vegetable into our daily diet of TV shows, movies and online content.

Product placement is big business in films and TV and it’s popular with tech companies, car makers, watch companies and fashion houses. A Bond film these days is as much about what everyone is driving, wearing and using as it is about plot. Well, maybe more. So why not fresh fruit and vegetables?

Of course this would have to be driven by film and TV companies wanting to promote healthy eating for the public good as there’s no product company paying for the subliminal advertising benefit. Rather like the absence of cigarette smoking unless it’s required for historical accuracy, as in the ‘I-can’t-breathe-just-watching-this’ early episodes of Mad Men.

Wouldn’t it be great to go one further and have:
• police officers who maintain their sanity in a world of hideous crime by tending their gardens
• an edge-of-the-seat foot chase up and down the aisles of a huge flower production nursery glasshouse complex
• an X Factor final in a large public garden
• teenage gangs who hang out down at the allotment instead of the mall
• hospitals that miraculously cure their patients through their therapeutic gardens or
• Big Bang Theory‘s Leonard and Sheldon competing for who can grow the best tomatoes

Any other suggestions?

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7 years ago

The main protagonist of the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ cooking up batches of secret recipe tomato passata instead of crystal meth?