GardenDrumEgg and Chips® – a new ‘dual’ vegetable

Thompson and Morgan Egg and ChipsJust like the ‘TomTato’, ‘Egg and Chips’ is UK plant breeder Morgan and Thompson’s new ‘dual’ vegetable featuring a grafted eggplant (aubergine) on a potato plant.

Whether you think it’s a great space-saving idea or another kid-attracting novelty, if Egg and Chips sells like the TomTato, there will be a lot of moussaka being served in British households in the coming summer.

Morgan and Thompson claim that the potato rootstock helps the eggplant grow well in the cooler British climate and produces 3-4 large fruit in the late-summer season, while the potato will give you a 2kg harvest.

Thomson and Morgan Egg and Chips harvest

Thomson and Morgan Egg and Chips harvest

Suited to either growing in pots or in the garden, available at Thompson and Morgan end of May 2016 for £14.99

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