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If we want more trees, do we first have to cut some down?



February 8, 2016

Chad_Tree_Experts_branch_removalOur cities need more trees, but does that mean we should be prepared to cut some down?

In most cities there will be disagreement and many complaints from people when any street or park tree is removed.

Cris Brack, Associate Professor of Forest Measurement and Management at the Australian National University develops this interesting argument about the need for tree removal in this article on The Conversation.

With many of Canberra’s treed avenues and parks being over-planted for quick effect, there have been a periodic culling and thinning-out of those plantings over the past 60 years, often causing public outcry.

But when original over-planting is combined with a finite useful life expectancy (often much less than people believe), Brack argues for a program of urban tree management that includes regular removals.

More at The Conversation

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Landscape design
8 years ago

Great read. It gets me so angry to hear that constantly government bodies make decisions based on the best outcome for now and it seems rarely plan well for the future happy to wipe clean the slate when it suits them.