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Would you like your new garden on TV?



February 23, 2016

It never rains but it pours. After a dearth of quality shows about landscape design, Australia now will have TWO. So would you like your garden featured on TV?

The ABC will have a new lifestyle series about professional landscape design and is looking for a wide range of properties, from big to small garden, different design styles, and both ends of the budget spectrum. Projects must be completed by September 2016. Contact Nicole Moon nicole@moonscape.net.au

The Seven Network‘s new lifestyle program is looking for people who are planning to completely build or transform their garden over the next year. You could be working with a professional or doing it all yourself. We are looking for gardens around the country and of different scale and type. For more information please contact Kristy Gillespie kgillespie@seven.com.au

If either of these new TV shows is able to reinvent garden-making for the masses the way TV has reinvented food making, it will be exactly what our industry needs. Ten years ago, making a meal was a boring household chore to be avoided at all costs, but now it’s a sexy gourmet lifestyle experience, with the various competing shows generating some of the hottest ‘water cooler’ topics of the week. I wish that TV would present garden-making in similar style – that there’s a huge body of fascinating knowledge to learn, innovative design to explore and appreciate, materials to be understood, high skill level to be achieved and results that last way longer than one meal.

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8 years ago

I hope so…a rejuvenation of the industry is needed 🙂
But I feel some egos will be tarnished, especially in horticultural media – I’ll just say ‘get over yourselves!’