Small flowering trees for a Melbourne summer

Throughout January, our Melbourne weather was not what we’re used to. The temperatures swung wildly – 44 degrees on one day and 20 the next – while rainfall came in three waves. Early on was a little bit (not uniform), then mid-month brought 10mm (not to be sneezed at). And then in the last four days the heavens opened, the sun disappeared, and everywhere got soaked. Avalon recorded more than 100mm and the day temperature dipped, in places, to 19 degrees and even 15. Continue reading

More flowers, please

I want to tell you something about a very ordinary little garden. At ground level it is mainly a mess of weeds, but standing tall and proud amongst these weeds is an abundance of flowers. Again, nothing particularly special. Nasturiums in winter, orange cosmos in summer, together with red geraniums, orange crucifix orchids, pale peach gladioli and the brilliant purple shock of tibouchina. Continue reading

Farewell Shorebirds

Australia’s shorebirds are preparing to leave on their extraordinary migration north, some as far as eastern Siberia. Here’s an interview with a Eastern Curlew, explaining how it’s done.

Book Review: Great Gardens of London

I’ve offered to write a review of this book, simply because I enjoyed it. Such books don’t always live up their hype but this is one I’m happy to add to my collection. And whenever I can get to London again I have a new list of gardens to see.

Continue reading

Patio garden makeover blends new with old

Here’s one of my recently completed projects – a patio garden make-over after a kitchen and family room renovation. I love it when existing clients call me when they are doing a renovation. I already know their garden style, family lifestyle, how they use and enjoy their landscape, color palette, and the land’s orientation to sun and shadow.  Continue reading