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Which would you choose: a broccoli farm, or the circus?



May 4, 2016

Max at the circusWhen 4 year old Max was told by his parents that he was being taken to a broccoli farm but they then surprised him with a trip to the circus, they didn’t get quite the reaction they expected.

The story has a very happy ending. The video of Max’s despair went viral on Youtube, Max and his family were invited to spend the day at the Tanimura and Antle broccoli farm in Salinas, California and the whole family¬†had a lovely time watching broccoli being harvested and helping out on the farm.

It turns out that kids might have quite different interests than you assume.

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helen mckerral
helen mckerral
8 years ago

that’s hilarious!

Kim Woods Rabbidge
8 years ago

Thanks for a great chuckle!

Helen and Tim
Helen and Tim
8 years ago

Two life lessons:
It never pays to lie to your kids
Kids don’t really like surprises