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Are your pines dying?



May 17, 2016

Pine dying from pine nematode_400x533Exotic Pine Nematode Found. The NGINA has released a notice advising of an exotic pine nematode (Bursaphelenchus species) present in the Sydney metropolitan region. Biosecurity NSW wants your help in reporting healthy and not-so-healthy Pinus species.

The nematode infestation was detected in a single dying pine tree on a golf course in the Sydney Basin in March 2016. The NSW DPI has conducted surveillance of approximately 1400 pine trees (Pinus species) in a 3km radius of the now dead tree, and to date three infested trees have been removed and disposed of, with a further three awaiting similar action.

Pine nematodes are transported by vector beetles and pose a serious threat to Australia’s pine tree industries. They can often be linked with rapidly dying pine trees. Most pine nematodes feed on fungi inside the tree and don’t cause direct damage to the host tree. However, there are a few species from overseas which are known to feed directly on plant cells. In these cases, damage caused by pine nematodes can lead to rapid tree wilt and death.

Plant Biosecurity NSW has launched an education awareness campaign for stakeholders and the community to report rapidly dying pine trees. They want to find dead and dying pine trees (Pinus species) across New South Wales in order to check them for possible pine nematode infestations. To do this they need YOUR help.

They need extra eyes to look for dead and dying pine trees in your local area and report your findings. There are reporting sheets available for you to use, and reports of healthy trees are also important to inform them where surveillance has occurred.

Click through to the Biosecurity NSW webpage to find the reporting sheet, along with further details about host trees, how to look, what to look for, how to report it, and who to report it to.

Pine affected by pine nematode_600x750Pine affected by pine nematode 2_751x600Pine affected by pine nematode 3_600x750
Images are courtesy of NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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warren Boyd Hopkins
warren Boyd Hopkins
4 years ago

hi guys i am the grounds man at Dirranbandi state school in QLD 4486
in the last 6 yrs we have lost 4 ornamental pines from a suspected canker or fungal attack the trees brown off and die one branch at a time and eventually kill the whole tree .
I have been heavily pruning and removing all cuttings and spraying with an anti fungal solution every 6 to 10 weeks we have a lovely garden at the school that I fear we will loose the lot before too long can you help.