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Caladenia versicolor

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and partners are celebrating a new lease of life for rare orchids.

The rain has fallen at a perfect time for this year’s plantings of the nationally threatened Candy Spider-orchid (Caladenia versicolor), Tawny Spider-orchid (Caladenia fulva), Melblom’s Spider-orchid (Caladenia hastata) and Coloured Spider-orchid (Caladenia colorata) by the Orchid Conservation Program.

These four orchid species are classified as federally threatened and re-introduction to the wild is critical for their survival. The Orchid Conservation Program is growing 30 endangered orchid species at its lab at Cranbourne Gardens for re-introduction projects in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

Following on the success of plantings last year, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and volunteers from the Australasian Native Orchid Society are now preparing to plant around 700 rare orchids throughout late-June and July 2016.

The Orchid Conservation Program team partners with the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, Australasian Native Orchid Society, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, Trust for Nature, Parks Victoria, Alcoa/ Portland Aluminum and many enthusiastic volunteers to achieve these reintroductions. Funding for this year’s re-introductions was provided by the Victorian Government Threatened Species Protection Initiative and Portland Aluminium /Alcoa.


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3 thoughts on “A new lease of life for rare orchids

    • Hello Kathie
      You could try contacting the Victoria Botanic Gardens Communications Office on 03 9252 2387 (Robyn Merrett). They put together the media release about the orchid project, and would hopefully be able to connect you with the right people to ask.
      Alternatively, try the Australian Network for Plant Conservation who are partnering the Botanic Gardens on the Orchid Conservation Program. Their details are 02 6250 9509 or email

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