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Birdsville in bloom welcomes 2016 race goers



August 22, 2016
Simpson Desert , western Queensland wildflowers poached egg daisy

Yellowtop and poached egg daisy, Simpson Desert

The desert around Birdsville, that iconic western Queensland outback town that’s home to the Birdsville Races, is in full bloom after heavy May-June winter rainfall. Locals say it’s the best Simpson Desert flowering season in 20 years.

The Birdsville Races, held in early September, is an extraordinary annual event when the tiny town’s regular population swells from 115 to over 7,000 people, filling temporary tent cities.

Although most visitors come to be part of the carnival that surrounds Australia’s most remote horse race, in 2016 they will be treated to a rare sight for plant and nature lovers – the red desert and sand dunes covered with colour.

Simpson Desert wildflowers

Simpson Desert wildflowers – yellowtop (Senecio gregorii)

Simpson Desert wildflowers feature creamy-white Hakea leucoptera (needlebush), pale yellow Acacia victoriae (elegant wattle), Grevillea stenobotrya (sandhill spider flower), the yellow-green beak-like flowers of Crotalaria cunninghamii (parrot bush), Polycalymma stuartii (poached egg daisy), Senecio gregorii (annual yellowtop), purple Calandrina balonensis (parakeelya), and Pycnosorus sp (billy buttons).

Simpson Desert wildflowers

Simpson Desert wildflowers

Birdsville Races are in Birdsville, Queensland, on 2 – 3 September 2016


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