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‘Australis’ horticulture expo for Queensland Gold Coast



October 12, 2016

AUSTRALIS‘, an international horticultural expo in 2020 on Queensland’s Gold Coast has won provisional approval from AIPH, the international body governing international horticultural exhibitions.

Other upcoming international horticultural expos include:

3 November 2018 to 24 April 2019 – Taichung World Flora Exhibition in Taiwan. Themed ‘Discover GNP: Green, Nature and People‘, the site in Taichung City covers 61 hectares and will feature 4 theme parks based on Productivity, Life, Ecology and Biotechnology. The expo is hoping for 8 million visitors and a highlight will 1.2 hectares of ‘rice paddy art’ using 4 colours of rice.

International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing, China

29 April to 7 October 2019 – International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing, China. ‘Live Green, Live Better‘ is situated on 960 hectares in Yanqing county north-west of Beijing. The site is in an established conservation area and has views to the Great Wall of China (Badaling), Guanmao Mountain and Haituo Mountain and (allegedly) clean air. Over 100 exhibiting partners are expected, and 16 million visitors. A high-speed rail-link is currently under construction. More at Horticultural Expo 2019

2020 – International Horticultural Exhibition on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (provisional as at September 2016)

2022 – Floriade Amsterdam Almere in The Netherlands. Themed ‘Growing Green Cities‘, the 60 hectare expo on the banks of the Weerwater will look at issues surrounding global urbanisation, food security and water purity. More info at Floriade 2022


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