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How to grow chrysanthemums in Kyoto

Chantelle Leenstra

Chantelle Leenstra

April 5, 2017

I love Japan’s street gardens and just look at these enormous, beautiful, creamy chrysanthemums I found growing outside a home in Kyoto. But just around the corner was something even more exciting, and a chance to discover the secrets behind growing these giant beauties.


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7 years ago

Would love to have understood the gentleman’s growing method for his beautiful chrysanthemums

Catherine Stewart
7 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Hi Bob, Although the video has subtitles translating the Japanese grower’s information, they don’t seem to show on phones and possibly ipads too, and I can’t figure out why. What are you using to watch it?

7 years ago

Hi Bob, the subtitles were only viewable on my own iphone after I updated to the latest version of software. This may work for you too (settings-general-software update). I hope this can help you enjoy the video!

7 years ago

Bob here are some other insights from Kishidasan on growing Chrysanthemums:

– he mixes fallen leaves into his soil mix (I’m not sure if he turns it into leaf mould first as some other horticulturists do, or puts them straight in the soil mix)
– he practices disbudding so the plant puts more energy into one, larger flower
– he really has to keep an eye on caterpillars
– for someone who doesn’t go to the same efforts that he does, their chrysanthemum blooms will only last 1 week-10 days
– he moves his chrysanthemums around outdoors into different microclimates at different times, so they are never too hot or too cold

Good luck! I’d love to see photos of your chrysanthemums! 🙂