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Plant Fierce NSW Central Coast April 2017



April 12, 2017

‘Sea-changer’ **

Planty Fierce’: three NSW Central Coast gardens open Saturday 29 April 2017. See the gorgeous home gardens of landscape designer Peter Nixon; bromeliad specialist Ray Henderson and rare plantsmen and nursery owners David Fripp and Blake Jolley.

What’s on offer here is the showcasing of design talents of exponents Peter Nixon for ’Sea-Changer’, David Fripp & Blake Jolley for ‘Living Edge’ and Ray Henderson for ‘Paradox’.

‘Living Edge’ high contrasts in Frog’s Foot Coleus – Solenostemon,Lomandra ‘Little Con’, Justicea betonica, Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ with Alcantarea imperialis rubra


Each garden maker has been given pretty much free rein across their own garden space over the past three or four years, to delve into a rich vein of ornamental planting suited to warm temperate coastal growing conditions, to speak up to the existing high interest of the gardening public who want inspiration from gardens made from richly contrasting plants.

Belle the dalmation watches over spikes of Portmea ‘Joe’ & Portea petropolitana extensa at ‘Paradox’


Consequently, you can expect horticultural expertise direct from these horses’ mouths and syphon off more than a few ‘planty’ jewels from an array of exciting designer sales tables at each garden. Whether industry or avid home gardener, this is the garden event for you.

For more details, plant availability updates and lunch options on the hop between gardens CLICK HERE.

1 day only, Saturday 29th April 2017

WHERE: “Sea-Changer” garden of Peter Nixon, 21 Lavinia Street, Forresters Beach; “Paradox” garden of Ray Henderson, 25 Curringa Close, Glenning Valley; “Living Edge” garden & nursery of David Fripp & Blake Jolley 1483 Peats Ridge Rd, Peats Ridge

ENTRY: $5 at each of the 3 gardens, cash only, children free, & no dogs please

[** Sea-changer garden: Green Stapelia gigantea flower soon to open facing ‘Sea-Changer’s’ shade hut where a green foam of Calissia repens dresses salt textured concrete paver slabs]


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