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New cress variety that tastes like lavender



August 8, 2017

Photo: Koppert Cress

Don’t like the bitterness of cress? Then this might be for you! Dutch company, Koppert Cress, has bred a new variety of cress that actually tastes like lavender.

With home cooks vying to outdo each other in these days of celebrity chefs and reality cooking shows, a new variety of cress looks likely to make a splash with top chefs and home gardeners alike.

Liita Cress was launched recently by Dutch breeders, Koppert Cress, and is being billed as the next culinary chameleon thanks to it suitability to both sweet and savoury dishes.

For those who have always harboured a secret desire to combine cress with panna cotta but never thought it possible, then this new variety is sure to delight both you and your dinner guests.

It looks like the company supply to Europe and North Africa at present, but with the novelty aspect of this new cress being high it’s is only a matter of time before it will make its way to the antipodes as well.

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