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Blue Mountains Botanic Garden 30th birthday bulb display



August 10, 2017

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in New South Wales will celebrate its 30th birthday with a brilliant display of more than 20,000 bulbs. Daffodils will burst into flower in August, with a huge array to follow.

This floral display will be the Botanic Garden’s biggest ever and acknowledges the site’s history as a fresh-cut flower farm. Former owners Effie and Alfred Brunet, bulb and cool climate plant growers, donated their land to be used as an annex of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

“We couldn’t have a 30th Birthday year for the Garden without paying tribute to the history of the site, once a fresh-cut flower farm owned by the Brunet family from 1934-1972 – bulbs and cool climate plants were their specialty!” said Greg Bourke, Curator Manager of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah.

A sea of cheery golden daffodils will kick-off the spectacle, blooming for the Daffodil Festival to be held from 19 to 27 August 2017. More than 50 new daffodil cultivars have been added to the 100 already on display, and will spread their golden hues across the Residence Garden, Brunet Lawn and Woodland Areas. Spot the rare species popping up in the Rock Garden.

A multitude of colours will follow in September, with 17,000 new bulbs that include muscari, tulips, Dutch iris, crocus, ranunculus and more than 2,000 other unusual bulb varieties. Whites, pinks, blues and yellows will create a vibrancy in the Formal Garden, and all will be framed by the large collection of new deciduous azaleas and lilacs, some you won’t see anywhere else in Australia.


The bulbs are expected to be in full bloom through to mid-October, making a beautiful spring show and backdrop for picnics and photos.

The Daffodil Festival will run from Saturday, 19 August to Sunday, 27 August 2017 from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

The Daffodil Festival and Spring Bulb display are free to attend. There are activities such as a guided walk with a horticulturist, or a bulb growing workshop, which are available by reservation for a fee.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is at Mount Tomah in New South Wales, approximately two hours by car from Sydney.



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