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University of Texas showcases Insects Unlocked exhibition



August 10, 2017

University of Texas, Austin, launches new exhibition photographing and distributing stunning macro images of insects up close and personal as they’re seldom seen, which are copyright free.

While the project will cover any and all species of insect, it features some amazing images of bees that are sure to excite the gardening-inclined.

Dr Alex Wild, Curator of Entomology at the University of Texas launched the project recently, saying that he hoped the stunning images would raise awareness of the importance of insects to ecosystems around the world. Just because they’re little it doesn’t mean they have little lives!

A leaf cutter bee with pollen she’s collected


The project has set up a flickr account with the images taken under the project thus far. All images are copyright free – people are free to use them in anyway they want, hopefully championing insects and their role in global food supply and ecosystem services around the globe.


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