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EcoQuest Challenge in New York City



August 24, 2017

Photo Martin LaBar. [Creative Commons]

The NYC EcoFlora Project is tasking New Yorkers to help them conserve the native plants and animals by using a mobile App to take and share photos. Called EcoQuest Challenges, each month will have a new challenge.  

The EcoQuest Challenge for August 2017 it is Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies. North America’s Monarch Butterflies are in decline – threatened by habitat loss, including Milkweed plants required for larvae to feed on, climate change, and pesticide use. Almost half of New York City’s 11 Milkweed species are thought to be extinct in the city.

The EcoQuest challenge is, using the iNaturalist App, to take photographs to document the distribution of Milkweed and Monarch butterflies in New York City, then post your findings on the NYC EcoFlora Project at iNaturalist.

To get started as a citizen scientist:

  1. Download the iNaturalist App, or register at iNaturalist.org.
  2. Take photos for the month’s EcoQuest Challenge.
  3. Post your findings to the NYC EcoFlora Project on iNaturalist.
  4. Check the NYBG EcoQuest web page for updates and new challenges!

Click here for a Guide to Milkweeds of New York City.


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