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Jardins Fantômes in Le Havre



September 7, 2017

Jardins fantômes at Bassin du Roy, le Havre. Courtesy Studio Baptiste Debombourg & Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris.

An imaginative new Corten steel artwork along the harbour walls of Le Havre in France is a creative addition to the city’s 500th anniversary celebrations.

“Jardins fantômes” is a permanent installation by visual artist Baptiste Debombourg that now embellishes the Bassin du Roy of the city of Le Havre. It forms part of “A summer in Le Havre”, a festival celebrating the founding of the city by Francis I of France 500 years ago.

Taking 30 months to complete, the artwork is a structure made of lace cut 15mm Corten steel plates and fixed to the harbour walls. The design is inspired by the rich patterns that adorn the King’s Chamber at the Château de Blois (one of the castles of Francis I).  The artist’s intention is that time and tide will transform the work as seaweed and molluscs get caught in the structure and accentuate the royal motifs.


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