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The Pothole Gardener in Australia



September 15, 2017

‘The Pothole Gardener’ strikes in Australia, creating quirky miniature pothole gardens on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.

Gardener and author Steve Wheen, otherwise known as The Pothole Gardener, has until now been surprising city commuters in the northern hemisphere with his miniature creations. In the UK, his urban guerrilla “pothole” gardening antics have created a stir, turning dreary corners of streetscapes into unexpected and delightful miniature gardens.

His little pothole creations use a combination of plants and flowers with charming props to help bring smiles to passers by, adding a touch of happiness to their journey.

Earlier this week travellers at Newtown Station in Sydney were treated to some of his delightful miniature gardens, “pothole” in size rather than nature but equally as fun. His Australian creations are part of a collaboration with Keri Juice, with each garden inspired by one of their five flavours. How cute are the mini oranges and swing!

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