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EcoQuest Challenge: Fraxinus and Fungi



October 8, 2017

Continue your support for the EcoQuest Challenge. The target for October 2017 is Fraxinus and Fungi.

North America’s diverse and majestic ash trees (Fraxinus) are threatened with extinction by an invasive beetle, the emerald ash borer (EAB). Fortunately for New York City’s ash trees, the EAB has not yet been found here. Efforts are underway to find resistant trees, develop biocontrols from predatory insects, and encourage mutually beneficial fungi to save these trees before they are gone forever.

EcoQuests, part of the New York City EcoFlora project, challenge New Yorkers to become citizen scientists and observe, study, and help conserve the native plants and animals of the City via the iNaturalist mobile app.

Take photographs of Ash trees and any associated fungi (including lichens), and post your findings on the NYC EcoFlora Project at iNaturalist. Be sure to include photos of the Ash fruit whenever possible. The goal is to help NYBG document as many ash trees and their fungal partners as possible by October 31.

To get started as a citizen scientist:

  1. Download the iNaturalist App, or register at iNaturalist.org.
  2. Take photos for the month’s EcoQuest Challenge (October 2017 is Fraxinus and Fungi).
  3. Post your findings to the NYC EcoFlora Projecton iNaturalist.
  4. Check the NYBG EcoQuest web page for updates and new challenges!

Click here to download New York City EcoFlora Treatment of Fraxinus.

Click here to learn more and register for Saving the American Ash Summit on 13 October.


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