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A newly formed organisation called Therapeutic Horticulture Australia (THA) has appointed a management committee to oversee and guide the practice of horticultural therapy and therapeutic gardening in Australia.

Priorities for the eight-member committee include setting standards around the practice of therapeutic horticulture, the registration of qualified practitioners, guidance with career pathways and advocacy for this field.

The group’s inaugural president is Steven Wells and he brings a wealth of knowledge to the position. A current guest presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia, he’s passionate about therapeutic horticulture and keenly promotes its benefits across many platforms.

“I’ve observed the diversity of people that benefit from engaging with therapeutic gardening programs and gardens and believe this is an area of increasing need within our community,” he says.  “I’m quite excited to be heading a team of people who bring a range of skills and experience to the emerging field of therapeutic horticulture.”

It’s hoped THA will combine the efforts of Cultivate NSW and Horticultural Therapy South Australia to build a national presence with strength and diversity.


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2 thoughts on “National therapeutic horticulture body

  1. Do we really need another body representing horticulture? How many members of this “new” body are already members of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, how many are registered horticulturists? Is there really a need to splinter the industry any further?

  2. Couldn’t agree more Adrian. Many members of AIH have been practising Horticulture Therapy for many years and we have all worked side by side with AIH supporting the establishment of the programs through Epping. At the same time the AIH Registered Horticulturist program can be readily modified to meet any sector‘s needs. Pity….

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