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The naming of the rose

Karen Shaw

Karen Shaw

March 1, 2021

Ever wanted to name a rose?  Then this is your chance! Rosarians around the world are invited to invent a suitable name for the Australian-bred rose selected as the official Convention rose to be promoted at the 19th WFRS World Rose Convention in Adelaide.

The 2022 Convention coined, ‘Celebration ‘22’, will be a massive celebration of all things roses!

From October 27 to November 3, 2022, the National Rose Society of Australia (NRSA) and the State of South Australia with the support of its five State Rose Societies, will welcome rose enthusiasts from around the world and across Australia to participate in the World Federation of Rose Societies’ World Rose Convention.

This special occasion is held every three years and has only been hosted in Australia on one previous occasion in 1988.

The NRSA and the 2022 World Rose Convention Organising Committee commissioned a search for an as yet unreleased Australian bred rose to be named and promoted as the official Convention rose.



Australian rose breeders were invited to enter their roses for judging in the trials conducted by the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia to be in the running.

A beautiful Floribunda rose (codenamed ‘Brunmarj 4092’), bred by Bruce Brundrett was chosen as the Convention Rose.


With clusters of delicate pink flowers. Image Gavin Woods.

This impressive rose produces clusters of medium-sized, delicate pale pink flowers. It has a very circular form with many symmetrical rows of small petals and a slight fragrance. The bush grows to 1m and has attractive, healthy foliage and good disease tolerance and repeat flowering.

The competition

The name the rose competition is open to all Rose Society members worldwide. Potentially the rose name chosen may capture the sense of occasion and the coming together of rose experts, amateurs and friends or perhaps it will be named for the characteristics of the rose or for someone special, the possibilities are endless.

For the person who comes up with the winning name, he or she will receive a free rose and help preside over the launch of the rose during the Convention.

Entrants are invited to submit up to three names each. Entries close on 31 October, 2021.

Gavin Woods will act as Competition Convenor; all entries to be emailed to gbwoods@adam.com.au

The winning entrant will be advised early in 2022.

Conditions of entry will include a release to allow free and unfettered use of the name selected. The successful entrant will be required to maintain secrecy of their success and the name until officially announced.



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Jeff Koelewyn
Jeff Koelewyn
1 year ago

When roses are so called “named” it’s usually with an invalidly used trademark such as Iceberg Iceberg (original name Korbin) eventually became so heavily genericised that it became an alternative variety name. It’s quite farcical how trademarks are used. They have nothing to do with actual plant names