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RHS plant of the year 2022



May 29, 2022


Armeria ‘Dreamland’, of the ‘Dreameria®’ collection developed by Australian plant breeding house PGA InnovaBred® has won silver in the RHS Plant of the Year award.

The plant was selected for its garden excellence, beautiful long-flowering floral displays, as well as its breeding story.



For the judges it was challenging deciding the winner, which came down to one point dividing first and second place.

Taking home the top award is  × Semponium ‘Destiny’ from Surreal Succulents.  Competing against 19 other short-listed plants, the succulent was selected  Plant of the Year by a panel of more than 100 experts.


Semponium ‘Destiny’


For the team that has worked on the ‘Dreameria®’ collection the silver placing is a dream come true and a significant achievement for Horticultural innovation and plant breeders across Australia and placing it on the global map. Head breeders Steve Eggleton and Howard Bentley from PGA InnovaBred® are incredibly proud of their achievements.



The breeding program for the collection has been a 20-year journey with many trials taking place worldwide. It took dedicated seed sowing, hand-pollination, crossbreeding, trials and a ruthless selection, to result in creating the world’s best new Armeria genetics.

While ‘Dreameria®’ varieties have the same hardy attributes as their wild cousins, breeders have introduced a new range of colours. These include lilac, rosy-pink, salmon-pink, rich purples and white. These have been selected for larger ‘globed’ blooms, which measure an average 30mm in diameter. Another plus is the flowers bloom for several months throughout the year.


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