Advertizing in GardenDrum’s run-of-site right-hand side bar puts your product, tour or event in front of 60,000 readers every month.

Unlike print magazines where your advert is on just one page, on GardenDrum YOUR ADVERT IS ON EVERY page and ALL VISITORS WILL SEE IT, regardless of which story they are reading.

Advertizers pay per month, with a small premium to secure top position.

Other advertizing options include sponsored posts (which remain onsite indefinitely) and promotions in GardenDrum’s weekly email digest.

To find out more about opportunities and pricing, email for your advertizing pack


Submitting adverts for publication on GardenDrum

Required specifications for all adverts:

1. to be submitted as a .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif file only (no PDFs) using RBG color profile

2. medium rectangles (mrecs) to be submitted as 900 pixels wide x 750 pixels high (displays at 300 x 250 pixels), small rectangles (srecs) as 900 pixels wide x 300 pixels high (displays as 300 x 100 pixels).

3. check that any text on your advert is still legible when viewed at a 300 pixel-wide size

4. must have a coloured background or have a border to set them off the GardenDrum white page background

5. .gif adverts to have a maximum of 3 frames and change speeds of minimum 3 seconds

6. state a url (website address) landing page to which the advert is linked


Your GardenDrum advertizement can be changed once FOC during each calendar month period if you want to to tweak the design or need to change your landing page details.


Some tips for successful online advertizing

Although advertizing GardenDrum is about building brand awareness and strong partnerships between two quality brands, just as with traditional print advertizing, many advertizers also want to see lots of clicks-through to their websites and sale conversions.

GardenDrum delivers your advert to many tens of thousands of readers every month who are pre-selected both as garden lovers and people who are used to doing things online. But we can’t make them click on it! The success of your advert and whether someone wants to click on it is determined by the quality of your advert, and how relevant and attractive you can make what you’re advertizing to GardenDrum readers.

Getting your online advert noticed

Just like print advertizing, you need to create an advert that has a visually arresting image and/or interesting text that will attract a reader’s attention. A mundane photo, uninspiring text eg “CLICK HERE for our latest catalogue” or just too many words will not create a frenzy of clicks-thorough to your website. You also need to make sure that all words are clearly legible for an mrec-sized display.

Good online adverts need quality work

While online adverts are much easier than print ones to create yourself on a home computer (no bleed, no high-res TIFF photos or CMYK color conversion to worry about), the best ones still have the same ingredients as for print – high quality graphic design, photography and artwork. This doesn’t mean you can’t create an advert yourself, but it does mean you need to be skilled in Photoshop or a similar application/program to do a good job of it.

What happens when a reader clicks through to your own website?

The website address to which your advert is linked is called a landing page. Although it’s easy to just make the link to your existing website homepage, this is not usually a very successful strategy, especially if your aim is to get sales conversions. People are immediately overwhelmed by choice and often forget why they clicked through at all.

The most successful clicks-through arrive at a page that is tailor-made for its audience, in this case, those who have arrived there from GardenDrum. A dedicated landing page that welcomes GardenDrum readers and addresses their particular focus will be much more successful at holding and engaging your new customers. It’s just like saying a big ‘hello!‘ to each individual who walks in the front door of a bricks and mortar store.