Amanda Commins

About Amanda Commins

Amanda has no formal qualifications in gardening and has not authored any gardening books. However what she lacks in formal qualifications she makes up for in enthusiasm. Her interest in gardening developed during her 30s and has become a bit of an overwhelming passion. Amanda lives in Perth and is particularly interested in native and waterwise plants.

Quest for a Moreton Bay fig

I love Moreton Bay fig trees. From the overall shape and spread, to the magnificent buttress roots that they form and the shade they provide, I think they are a stunning feature in the parks and gardens that have the room for them. About 2 years ago we decided that we would like to grow a Moreton Bay fig (Ficus macrophylla). We had the land to do it (40 acres) and hoped to see its first 40 years or so. Continue reading

Review – Perth Garden Festival

The Perth Garden Festival finished last Sunday (6 April), the last day of four, and I would love to tell you what an enjoyable, worthwhile, well-organised and inspirational event I found it to be – but I can’t. This was the first year for the Garden Festival which has replaced Garden Week, an event that had been held for over 40 years. I’m unclear as to the reason for the change from Garden Week to the Garden Festival but the marketing information suggested bigger and better things this year. Continue reading

My first orchid experience

Last year I happened to come into possession of a number of phalaenopsis or ‘moth’ orchids that had gone past their prime. It was my first orchid experience and I turned to the internet for advice on what to do. Like many internet searches it threw up useful and not so useful information which I muddled through, trying to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak. There is a local orchid society that I could have turned to but I stubbornly ‘soldiered on’ on my own. Continue reading

My backyard challenge – bitumen and bore

In mid-2008 my husband Mark and I bought our first home together in Perth. It is a small house on a 617 square metre block. I was a new gardener and the garden has presented some challenges. I thought that others might be interested in the challenges and the solutions that we have tried. Continue reading