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Anthony Tesselaar Plants is where you’ll find wonderful plants that are colourful, exciting and easy-to-grow. We know they are - because we’ve had to travel the world to find them as they have to stand out from everything else and be happy to grow with the minimum of fuss. See our full international range at Anthony Tesselaar Plants

If you want a lively-looking garden, it’s time to see red

As a colour, red has a serious fan club. Red shoes (to die for), red cars (go faster), red lipstick (no comment) and red roses. Which brings us to red in the garden. Red is the perfect foil to green, which is probably why we often paint the front door red. Or line the path with evergreen topiary balls growing in red-glazed planters. Or tie oversized red bows into the shrubbery come Christmas time. What follows is a quick look at some brilliant plants that pack a nice red punch… Continue reading