Brent Reid

About Brent Reid

Brent has worked in the landscaping industry for 16 years, learning the ropes at Semken Landscaping whilst studying Horticulture at Burnley College and Holmesglen College. After working with some of Melbourne (and Australia’s) best landscape designers at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Brent’s passion for landscape design was born, which led to designing gardens for shows, Backyard Blitz and as a design advisor on Burkes Backyard. Brent spent 3 years in the United Arab Emirates designing and constructing pools and landscapes, including Palm Jumeirah (The Palm Island), Emirates Hills, Sharjah Botanical Museum, Sharjah English School and the Oundle School in Dubai. He also wrote a weekly column for Emirates Business 24/7 newspaper and articles for YOU! magazine. See Brent's work at Candeo Design on the Candeo Design Facebook

My garden at Australian Garden Show Sydney

Last year I ventured up to the Australian Garden Show, Sydney on opening day to see what it was like and to throw some support behind my officemate and friend Phillip Withers, as I had watched him bust himself to have a garden in the ‘Inspirational Garden’ category. This year I am not only venturing up for support. I will be presenting an Inspirational Garden alongside my officemate Phillip Withers, Myles Baldwin, Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Peta Donaldson, Adrian Swain, Christopher Owen and Northern Sydney Institute TAFE. Continue reading

How to find that design inspiration

I often get asked by people where I find my inspiration for the gardens I design. It’s a very interesting question and one that has about as many layers as an onion. I will attempt to peel a few layers back and give you an insight into where and how I start when designing my client’s gardens. Continue reading

Sneak peek – my next show garden

This sneak peek is something very exciting for me to be able to do. It makes it even more exciting to be able to share it with the public via GardenDrum. We have been working on this project in the back ground for a few months now. We have a lot of the infrastructure either in place, coming together or underway. The companies and people involved are all agreeable and know exactly what we all have to do, so it only seems fair to lift the lid slightly and give a sneak peak to what will be a very exciting project for me and the Candeo Design Family for 2014. Continue reading

The WORST design client of ALL

It has taken ten years of designing gardens to meet my toughest, trickiest and most demanding client. As a general rule, I have been very fortunate in the clients I have dealt with over the years. To the point some have become friends and I even have first dibs on two houses I have designed gardens for if they ever go up for sale. I have a few clients that randomly send me photos of their garden on particular days that they look out and think it looks extra special and feel the need to share it back with me. Never ceases to land a smile on my face. Continue reading

This is your garden, not mine

I have literally walked out of a garden this morning and decided I needed to write about it. I am currently working with a client helping her get her garden in Chelsea Heights, Victoria ready for the Open Gardens Australia in late October. I started working with this client over a year ago when she approached me to help her get her garden “up to scratch” for her son’s wedding at the property last November. Walking in the gate of this garden for the first time I realised I had stumbled upon something special. Continue reading

Designing for now

I have been talking to and working with some young designers (not that I am overly old) over the last few months regarding getting their careers started and starting to shape the direction in which they are looking to head. All of these discussions have had me thinking about where and how gardens get designed. I seem to keep coming back to the fact that a lot of what we do as designers revolves around designing for now. Continue reading

MIFGS garden build

This is my first blog for GardenDrum, my apologies as it has taken me a little longer to get around to doing this than it probably should have. I figure as this is my first article I probably should write it about a garden that some of you may have actually seen firsthand. The garden I am referring to is “ReSurgence” that was designed for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March. Continue reading