Geraldine Evers

About Geraldine Evers

Hound Advice began 4 years ago when I developed a passion for helping people and dogs have a better relationship. I had found that training a dog did not require harsh methods and that dogs respond well to being rewarded for doing 'the right thing'. This is the basis of my training - showing dogs what you want them to do and reward them for doing it. It's a win/win for everyone.

The dog ‘big dig’ and how to stop it

“My dog digs!” is one of the most common complaints about dogs, whether you are a gardener or not. So…….why do dogs dig? Well, it’s entirely natural dog behaviour. Some dogs have been bred to dig – terriers specifically. Other dogs dig to bury things – like bones…. Some dogs dig to dig up the afore-mentioned bones. Some dogs dig to investigate – maybe a cricket, a smell or what’s on the other side of the fence…. And some dogs dig ‘cos it’s just what they do and they like it. And once they start digging, they tend to keep going until the hole is as big as they can make it. Digging could also be a product of boredom and sometimes even separation distress. Continue reading

Puppies and gardens

Phil Dudman’s ponderings on a puppy among the plants started me thinking about my own dogs when they were pups. I have two, both Labradoodles. It seems so long ago….. Jasmine (Jas is what she is usually called) joined us nearly eight years ago. She was eight weeks old, black and adorable. All puppies are adorable aren’t they? I’m sure puppies get away with so much mischief just because they are adorable. Continue reading