Heather Miles

About Heather Miles

Passionate gardener and landscape designer, loves all plants, particularly Australian natives and their design potential. Honorary Secretary of the Australian Plant Society NSW . Gets her hands dirty in a native garden in the Hunter Valley and an old fashioned flower garden in Sydney. Fascinated by the similarities between organisations and plant communities.

A garden built on harmony and trust

Every garden tells a story, and this one in southern Sydney tells one of trust and collaboration that has created magic. When Joan Zande retired, her dream was to redesign her 40-year old garden. Yet finding a designer who embraced the site proved challenging. Against a rocky sandstone escarpment, a 10º slope, drainage problems and nowhere to sit, the site just seemed too hard. Continue reading

Cloud forests and other wonders of Peru

Escaping from Sydney a few days before New Year’s Eve, a motley group of friends and family headed to South America for a month of adventuring. First Peru and Machu Picchu, then cycling in Cuba for 2 weeks, followed by 10 days sailing the Galapagos. A triple bucket-list trip!

Continue reading

Evolution of a garden (and gardener!) as I go native

Perched on the top of a windswept hill in the Hunter Valley, this Australian native garden started with some lofty goals: to offer beautiful views from the house; create a haven for local fauna; be a rewarding ‘walk-around’ experience with places to sit; provide a rich source of vegetables; and provide places for kids to play. Continue reading