Margaret Cory

About Margaret Cory

A garden designer in Sydney for over 20 years, Margaret designs the gardens, hand draws the plans, procures the plants and supervises the job from start to finish. Margaret has also written articles for garden magazines, including Outdoor Rooms. She is now focusing on water-colouring garden plans, as some clients still want a hand-drawn plan of their garden as a keepsake and this can be greatly enhanced by being water-coloured. She has been commissioned by Readers Digest to design and water colour a plan for a formal herb garden and this is now featured in their book, The Complete Book of Herbs.

A country house in France – and garden

I have a friend who lives in France and she and her husband owned a beautiful, old, stone house in the Lot in south west France which they have just sold. I visited twice and each time the house, the plants and the countryside left me enchanted. It is, of course, in a very good red wine area and the food and wine and general hospitality we were given were superb. Continue reading

Ornamental tree diseases in Sydney

The Australian Institute of Horticulture recently organised a seminar on this topic presented by Dr Edward Liew, manager of the Plant Pathology Section in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. This section comprises the plant disease diagnostic unit and plant pathology and mycology research programme. Dr Liew has been involved in plant disease diagnosis and research for the last 20 years. His research focuses on the evolution, genetics and taxonomy of fungal pathogens. Here are some notes I made from the seminar that you might find useful.
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