Mark Paul

About Mark Paul

Over the past 25 years Mark Paul, a qualified horticulturist has become a name synonymous with reclaiming the built environment, a passion he has had since childhood and which lead him to create The Greenwall Company. With his extensive experience and understanding behind the science of plant biomechanics, Mark pinoneered the installation and design of greenwalls and green roofs in Australia. Mark Paul’s vision for the “future city” is clear: By dressing buildings and giving these unique plants a home and a value, ‘preservation through cultivation’ can make a difference. His success has won Mark several national design awards. More recently Mark took the title of Australian Horticulturist of the Year in 2012 and The Product Design Award in the category of Housing and Building at the 2012 Sydney Design Awards.

Greenwalls – latest fashion or much more

My profession and passion is the building of greenwalls. I have been designing and installing them for over twenty five years. In this time I have learnt how to choose the most suitable plants; how to support and feed them and how to maintain the walls. I have learnt that as with all things horticultural the devil is in the detail and not all greenwalls are equal. Continue reading