Peter Nixon

About Peter Nixon

Peter is a landscape designer, specialising in 'best fit', durable plants, and convenor of the Design-Growers Network. Sydney NSW

Subtropical and tropical climbers

Scrambling, twining, creeping vines whichever way you look at them, have always been popular for a multitude of reasons not least as they are usually fast and ‘flower heavy’. The following is by no means the only way they might grow for you, its just an idea on how I’ve worked subtropical and tropical climbers into coastal gardens, usually out of the wind facing winter north (southern hemisphere) or south (northern hemisphere), in pretty good organically enriched soil and with adequate summer water. Continue reading

High summer designer plants

It’s good to be reminded of what plants fit into a bandwidth of growing conditions for the garden you might be considering. This way the plants you choose will be as close a fit as possible to those conditions, no matter what the geographic location. I call this Best Fit Gardening and you can pop along to this link where I explained it in a bit more detail in a nice little mini video for you… Continue reading