Rose Vermeulen

About Rose Vermeulen

Rose Vermeulen comes from an IT and customer services background, and decided to change careers to Landscaping. She completed the full Landscape Design Course at Lifestyle College, and holds certification with the City and Guild of London. Rose joined forces in 2001 with Bernadine Drath to create Indigo Landscapes, a design and construction company based in Johannesburg, South Africa and winner of several garden show Gold Awards.

Makeover gardens at Garden World’s Spring Festival

Many of the display gardens at Johannesburg’s Garden World Spring Festival are makeovers of older gardens. It’s a challenging design brief but one that’s very similar to what a designer can find in a residential situation, where you have to work with existing garden features. Here are two 2016 gardens that are makeovers of old gardens. Continue reading

Designer gardens at Garden World’s Spring festival 2016

Each year Garden World in Gauteng, to the west of Johannesburg, has its Spring Festival. This year there are more than 20 designer gardens on display until 4 September 2016. Many of these designer gardens are different from your usual show garden as some of them are revamps of the previous year’s garden and some are makeovers of a much older garden. This is good because it makes the designer see the show garden more like designing for a residential client where there are always things to keep as well as places for new ideas. Continue reading

Garden World’s Spring Festival, South Africa

Garden World’s 2014 Spring Festival this year celebrates ‘For the Love of Nature‘ with designer display gardens, revamps of a selection of gardens from previous years, the very popular School Gardens, Box Gardens and activities for children, plus a range of speakers, including David Davidson talking about his Chelsea 2014 garden, Jane Griffiths on container gardening and your Urban Garden, Roy Trendler on Gardening for Birds, and Brêkvis Live Outside Broadcasts from RSG. Continue reading

How structure can improve your garden

When I first saw this site last year, I found a large sloping lawn, decorated with a statue and small formal garden to one side, and also a narrow garden bed running in front of the house with topiary shrubs and clipped box. Here was a garden that needed a strong, defining structure. Continue reading

A new garden on a steep slope

The property we landscaped is a ‘French villa’ estate on one of the inlets into the Hartebeespoort Dam on the south-eastern side. The dam is situated north of Johannesburg and to the west of Pretoria. Water from all the small rivers in this region run into this huge dam which is quite a sight when it overflows. The climate around the dam is very different from where I live in Johannesburg, even though it is only 45km. It’s a few degrees warmer and they get very little frost and it is quite humid with all that water around them. The hillside behind is covered with natural vegetation. There are still baboons running around up there! Continue reading